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Frequently Asked Questions

What is daily life like in Georgia?

Daily life for colonial Georgians was centered around the home and farm, as they were fairly isolated among themselves and from the rest of the colonies. Georgia initially was a community of small farmers, but grew quickly in later years. Most people in colonial Georgia were small farmers.

What is the Georgia newspaper?

Georgia Newspaper Project. The Georgia Newspaper Project is part of the U.S. Newspaper Program, run by the National Endowment for the Humanities with assistance from the Library of Congress, which coordinates the efforts of all state newspaper projects. The goal of the U.S. Newspaper Program is to locate, catalog,...

What is the name of the newspaper in Brunswick GA?

The Brunswick News is one of two major daily newspapers serving Brunswick; the other is The Georgia Times-Union, a subsidiary of the Jacksonville-based Florida Times-Union. Brunswick has one free weekly newspaper delivered to most homes in Glynn County, The Harbor Sound (a free publication).

What is the name of the newspaper in Augusta Georgia?

Augusta Chronicle. The Augusta Chronicle, which started as the weekly Augusta Gazette in 1785, is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States and the oldest active newspaper in Georgia. It is owned by Augusta -based Morris Communications and in 2011 had a daily circulation of nearly 60,000 under the editorship of Alan English.

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