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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Bashar al Assad stay in power?

"Assad will stay in power," former Ambassador Robert Ford, the last U.S. envoy to Syria, tells Newsweek. "There's no way to imagine that the Syrian opposition now through force of arms is going to be able to compel him to step down. There isn't a viable alternative."

Can Assad make a comeback in 2021?

But now it's the twilight of 2021, and the Syrian president has not only survived but appears poised to make a stunning comeback on the world stage. A decade after his actions helped set the civil war in motion, Assad stands strong over a largely broken country that has few other options for leadership.

How will the Lebanon crisis affect Assad?

A financial crisis in neighboring Lebanon, combined with the long-term effects of U. S. and European sanctions, cut off significant sources of revenue for the Assad regime.

How did countries cut their ties with Assad?

One by one, countries severed ties with Assad and his government, including the U.S., which imposed economic sanctions in 2011 and shuttered its embassy for good in 2012.

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