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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter if Joe Biden is in office now?

It may not matter. Voters put him in office to do several very specific things-things which he is now failing to accomplish. If the current polling is any indication, the Biden presidency is dashing the hopes of his fellow Democrats who thought they were on the cusp of a period of transformational change.

Are the American people disappointed with Biden?

The American people are disappointed he has gone so far. Biden's latest presidential approval rating hovers around 43 percent-not exactly a Nixonian number, but a far cry from the 60 percent or more who gave him high marks at the start of his term.

What does Joe Biden's Inauguration anniversary mean for the world?

The anniversary of President Joe Biden's inauguration is an opportunity to debate his record. That's what the politicians and pundits will do. But it is also a chance to learn from experience. That's what the world needs the administration to do.

Will Biden end America's Forever War?

Biden's most notable move toward ending the so-called forever wars was his decision last year to withdraw all U. S. troops from Afghanistan after a 20-year campaign. For those who felt long ago that building a democratic, functional, corrupt-free Afghan government was akin to jumping onto a hamster wheel, terminating the longest war in U. S.

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