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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NIH K99 R00 program?

K99/R00 - NIH Pathway to Independence Award. The award contains two components, a mentored (K99) phase that can last up to 2 years and an independent (R00) phase, which will have a duration of 3 years. The objective of the program is to facilitate research independence earlier in an investigator's career.

What is the cost of the K99 program?

The mentored K99 phase of the award may take place either within NIH Intramural Programs or at any extramural research institution and lasts 1-2 years. Only extramural research institutions are eligible sites for the independent R00 phase of the award which lasts up to 3 years. The K99 phase has a total cost cap of $90,000 per year.

What should be included in the final progress report for K99?

o   A brief description of progress made during the K99 phase that will serve as the Final Progress Report for the K99 phase; o   An updated research plan (the specific aims should be updated to reflect current plans for the R00 phase and the updated research plan should be briefly described in less than 5 pages);

How much research experience do I need for a NINDS K99/R00?

At the application due date, applicants for a NINDS K99/R00 can have no more than 48 months (49 months for resubmission applications) of research experience following the completion of the requirements for their doctorate (Note: There is a temporary extension of eligibility due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for more information see NOT-OD-21-106 ).

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