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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Nihon located?

NIHON Our office is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This means we're always able to provide support before you come, and even after you've arrived in Japan. We also hold a ton of awesome events for our students. GO! GO! NIHON STUDENT NETWORK Become part of a community of Go! Go!

What is Nihon exploit?

Nihon Exploit supports almost all the high end scripts such as Owl Hub. Nihon features click teleport, ESP, speed, fly, infinite jump, and so much more. A powerful all in one package. Instructions

What does Nihon Kohden do?

Nihon Kohden's mission is to utilize its leading edge technology and products to support medical treatment in all clinical areas from emergency response to testing, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. In addition to clinical treatment, Nihon Kohden products play an active role outside the hospital,...

What is ninihon Student Network?

NIHON STUDENT NETWORK Become part of a community of Go! Go! Nihon students from all around the world that use our service to enrol into language schools all over Japan. Make friends and contact other students even before you arrive!

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