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Frequently Asked Questions

Is NZ time behind Coordinated Universal Time?

Time in New Zealand is divided by law into two standard time zones. The main islands use New Zealand Standard Time (NZST), 12 hours in advance of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) / military M (Mike), while the outlying Chatham Islands use Chatham Standard Time (CHAST), 12 hours 45 minutes in advance of UTC / military M^ (Mike-Three).

Do you New Zealand is colder than the UK?

Temperatures are rarely hot or cold enough to make you feel uncomfortable. New Zealand winters, unless you live in the mountains, are shorter, warmer and sunnier than the UK. The fact that New Zealand lies closer to the equator than the UK means that its winter days are longer and the nights are shorter.

What time zone is furthest ahead?

The time zone furthest ahead of EST…and, for that matter, all other time zones is UTC+14 (UTC+14:00 - Wikipedia).

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