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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest yield of nznzn?

NZN (1098.8kg x [ha.sup.-1]) produced the highest yield (P<0.01) and grains per unit in second year, followed by Poly-wheat (1050.4kg x [ha.sup.-1]), Melspray, ZnS [O.sub.4], Zinkom, Allgrow, Zn-15 and, finally, the control (824.6kg x [ha.sup.-1]).

What's new with Nevada Zinc Corporation (NZN)?

Toronto, Ontario-- (Newsfile Corp. - September 20, 2021) - Nevada Zinc Corporation (TSXV: NZN) ("Nevada Zinc" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the production of bench scale high-grade zinc sulfate monohydrate.

What is ndndemand nitrozin?

NDemand® NITROZIN® is designed primarily for foliar applications to prevent or correct nitrogen and zinc deficiencies in a wide range of agronomic and ornamental plants. Its use is suggested as a supplement to a regular, balanced fertilizer program to enhance yields and improve quality.

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