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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NZXT ca-h700b-b1?

The H700 Series showcases NZXT vision for modern PC building with simplified water cooling installation, intuitive cable routing features, and a quick-release side panel. NZXT CA-H700B-B1 27 pounds 19.45 x 9.05 x 20.3 inches 19.45 x 9.05 x 20.3 inches

Should you buy the NZXT H500 case?

If you don't care about such things, then either of these cases are a good option. Whatever you choose, you get the same color schemes in both—white/black, all black, red/black, and black/blue—but if you happen to be a fan of Overwatch, NZXT offers the H500 case with that theme.

What is included in the H700 series?

The H700 includes four Aer F fans and a stunning tempered glass panel to showcase your build. The H700 series is available in color combinations to match your taste, and its elegant all-steel construction is shared across all sizes in the new H-series. The tempered glass panel and signature PSU shroud showcase beautiful builds.

What is the difference between the H500 and the H700?

The H700 enlarges the H500's footprint to make room for a different ventilation system, more fans, more USB ports on the top I/O panel, and other changes. At 230mm X 516mm X 494mm, with feet, this case can accommodate mini-ITX, microATX, ATX and EATX (up to 272mm) motherboards and still leave room to spare.

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