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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ogino look like in real life?

Ogino has a smooth face with narrow eyes and pronounced jawbones. His black hair is especially spiky. He has several thin strands of hair hanging over his forehead; his remaining hair points to the back. Hiroshi Inaba thinks Ogino's hair is really pretty and even prefers his hair over white or silver hair.

Who is Kyusaku Ogino?

Kyusaku Ogino (荻野 久作, Ogino Kyūsaku, 25 March 1882 – 1 January 1975) was a Japanese doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. His natural father's family name was Nakamura, but Kyusaku was adopted by the Ogino family in 1901.

What is the Ogino method?

Ogino studied infertility and developed a method to estimate the fertile period of the menstrual cycle based on the length of a woman's past cycles. This knowledge could be used by couples seeking pregnancy to time intercourse so as to maximize the chances of conception .

How did Ogino get his head in the fridge?

When Valentino has explained his way of eating money and creating fake bills, Ogino has somehow broken a hole trough the bottom of the fridge and has stuck his head in the hole. He motivates Hiroshi to go and capture Don.

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