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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ogino Knaus method work?

The Ogino Knaus method can be used to increase the chances of conception: let’s see how it works The so-called natural contraceptive methods they are based on the calculation of the fertile days and on the observation of the changes that occur in the female body in the vicinity of ovulation.

Why did Ogino oppose the use of the contraceptive pill?

Ogino opposed the use of his method for contraception. He argued that its failure rate was too high: to promote it for contraception, despite the availability of other effective contraceptive methods, would result in many abortions from unwanted pregnancies.

Who is Kyusaku Ogino?

Kyusaku Ogino (荻野 久作, Ogino Kyūsaku, 25 March 1882 – 1 January 1975) was a Japanese doctor specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. His natural father's family name was Nakamura, but Kyusaku was adopted by the Ogino family in 1901.

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