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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fresh Altis Life Server?

Here is a fresh Altis Life server so join now to get a head start and never be behind again. The server has great admins that are always active with a good community to go along with that.

What is Altis life in ARMA 3?

This is a guide about the Altis Life 'gamemode' for ARMA 3. One thing to note is that all Altis Life are different in different ways so this guide may not be 100% accurate but I will keep it as much so as I can. Altis life is a Life Sim where you RP one of two modes (You can swap between both).

Is Olympus the most active ARMA 3 server?

Endless possibilities! Olympus is home to the most active North American Arma 3 Life Server! No information given. Kyle. Please consider donating to help cover our monthly costs. We appreciate all donations! Check out the donate page to view more information.

How much money do you get in Altis life?

1. Starting Off When you spawn in on Altis Life you will start with some money which is usualy about 5k - 15k and earn a paycheck of 500 - 750 every 5 minutes. The problem is that paycheck is not great if you want to do 'fun' things and live your life so you need to do a job.

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