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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose opolympus for Ent?

Olympus is focused on providing advanced solutions to meet our customers’ clinical ENT needs. Our innovative technologies deliver superior endoscopic imaging and video, powered instrumentation, hand instruments, implantable devices, and surgical supplies. View the current ENT product catalog in PDF format.

How do I contact Olympus America?

Contact Olympus America Thank you for your interest in Olympus. To contact Olympus by phone, 1-800-401-1086

What rhinology instruments are available at opolympus?

Olympus rhinology instruments include a range of Rotating Backbiters , FREER Elevators , Alligator Forceps , Blakesley Forceps , Ostium Seekers, Mushroom Punches, and much more.

What kind of training does openolympus offer?

Olympus offers a variety of educational opportunities for medical and surgical healthcare professionals. Our Professional Education Program provides multiple types of peer-to-peer training in order to meet the specific educational needs of physicians and nurses focused on the safe and effective use of Olympus products.

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