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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find labels and symbols for mu-1?

MAINTENANCE UNIT MU-1... Labels and Symbols Labels and Symbols Safety-related labels are attached to the instrument at the locations shown below. If labels are missing or illegible, contact Olympus.  Rear side Electrical Rating Plate Product name,rated voltage, and serial number are described.

What is the mission of Olympus?

The Olympus mission began in 1919 when it became clear that the microscope represented the future of science. Today, we continue to look for new ways to contribute to the health of society, whether precision medicine, treatment research, or consumer safety. “The most important thing we do.”

What is the Olympus uptime guarantee (OUG)?

The Olympus Uptime Guarantee (OUG) is a no-cost enhancement to our comprehensive Full Service Agreement. It is designed to curb delays caused by out-of-service equipment, enabling you to maximize procedural uptime.

Why choose Olympus's advanced replace program?

Because emergencies are impossible to predict, the Advanced Replace Program puts replacement Olympus equipment in your hands within 24 hours. All replacement equipment meets Olympus manufacturer specifications. You may be ready for the latest technology, but your capital budget isn’t.

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