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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Olympus E-10?

The E-10 is Olympus's foray into the professional digital SLR market, it's also priced to tap into the lucrative prosumer market where owners demand the best quality and features.

Is the Oly E-10 worth it?

The E-10 was with a Canon 10D the first digital cameras I bought and used (2004). I enjoyed the E-10 for it's feel and uniqueness. At 4MP it took nice pics, a great lens optimized by Oly for the camera.

What is the best Olympus camera you have ever seen?

The E-1 was the best (and IMO, most rugged) body Olympus has produced. Although not my first digital camera, the Olympus E-10 was a great one. Many have stated that the camera was expensive; however, at that time, DSLRs with the same megapixels from Nikon, Canon, and Minolta were 2 to 3 times the price of an E-10 or E-20.

Is the canon E-10 worth it?

The E-10 was indeed a great camera. Solid professional build quality and amazing IQ for a 4mp camera. I used it professionally and did several book covers with it. Though I no ;onger have the camera, I still have the images and they still look pretty good! Owned the E-20P. It was my first digital camera.

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