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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy the Olympus fe-46 digital camera?

Whether you’re enjoying a wedding or a fun weekend afternoon, the new Olympus FE-46 digital camera will consistently capture extraordinary, in-focus pictures of your family and friends.

What do the new FE cameras have to offer?

The new FE cameras offer the flexibility to use either xD-Picture Card or microSD memory cards, which is just one more advantage of Olympus point-and-shoot cameras. The new FE cameras feature enhanced In-Camera Help Guides that make digital photography simple and fun for users of all ages and skill levels.

What is the Olympus Iplex™ NX Videoscope?

The Olympus IPLEX™ NX videoscope is a portable 3D inspection tool that helps make the power generation, oil and gas, automotive, and aerospace industries safer. A large microscope field of view (FOV) is beneficial, but there are tradeoffs in image quality the larger the FOV becomes.

What are the magic filters for FE cameras?

Similar in-camera Magic Filters have been developed for the new FE cameras. The new Magic Filters enable the user to enhance and customize images as they're being captured. This translates into more fun and flexibility as customization is no longer limited to using expensive and time-consuming computer software.

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