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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Olympus EVOLT E500 so special?

Olympus dedicated digital optics coupled with the Evolt E500 render sharpness and contrast more consistently at any given f-stop. The lenses are matched to the Four Thirds System standard image sensor for the optimal balance between image quality, camera, and lens size, and expandability.

Are the lenses on the e500 interchangeable?

The E500 does not have this problem, because it accommodates the full line of interchangeable Zuiko Digital Lenses, which are designed for digital capture with smart technology that allows the lenses to communicate with the camera to ensure the best possible image quality.

Why should I buy the e500?

Because the E500 is designed for the ultimate user-friendly experience, you can choose to let the camera make all the decisions, or take control for a new level of customization and performance.

How many pixels does the e500 have?

The E500 is loaded with an impressive 8 million pixels of detail, for bright colorful photos.

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