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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Olympus E-510 and E-500?

E-510 is also sold as EVOLT E-510 in some countries. Olympus replaced the older Olympus E-500 with this model and later E-510 was replaced with Olympus E-520. Follow the links to compare these cameras in detail: Olympus E-510 is a member of Olympus's Advanced DSLR class cameras.

What kind of camera is the Olympus E510?

Olympus E-510 Overview First introduced in November 2007, Olympus E-510 is a 10.0MP Advanced DSLR camera with a Four Thirds (17.3 x 13 mm) sized CMOS sensor, built-in Image Stabilization and Four Thirds lens mount. E-510 is also sold as EVOLT E-510 in some countries.

Is the Olympus E-520 good for video editing?

Olympus E-520 review Don't be fooled by its colorful, family-friendly design – the new 24-inch iMac is capable of serious photo and video editing performance. The EOS M50 Mark II is a compact, likable interchangeable lens camera with a 24MP APS-C sensor and direct-to-Youtube live streaming capability – but it comes with one big caveat.

Is the canon E-510 still competitive?

The whole market has become a much more competitive place since the E-510 first hit the market in March 2007, so has the newest version done enough to stand out against the increasingly slick APS-C offerings? Larger, 2.7" LCD display (versus 2.5" on the E-510)

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