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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Olympus stone retrieval baskets?

Single-use Olympus Stone Retrieval Baskets are designed for use with the innovative V-System. Basket families include the four-wire TetraCatchV, for versatile stone retrieval in the bile and pancreatic ducts, and the FlowerBasketV, for the capture of small and large stones with eight wires at the distal end, and four wires at the proximal end.

Why choose Olympus endoscopes?

Combining our experience and expertise in the manufacture of gastrointestinal endoscopy products with our leadership in innovative technology, Olympus has a comprehensive offering of endoscopes, devices and accessories to meet every GI procedural need.

What are the different Olympus retrieval products?

Olympus retrieval products include: Ultra-Catch NT Nitinol Baskets, X-Catch NT Nitinol Baskets, Sur-Catch® Cross Paired Stone Baskets, SurLok® Flat-Wire Stone Baskets, SurLok® Helical Stone Basket and SurLok® Grasping Forceps. Olympus offers a variety of educational opportunities for medical and surgical healthcare professionals.

What are rereusable Olympus Four-wire baskets used for?

Reusable Olympus Four-Wire Baskets are useful for retrieving foreign bodies, such as round and slippery objects. They are designed for use with the Olympus Replacement Handle MA-479 (not included) and are available in a variety of working lengths and opening widths for compatibility with an array of channel sizes and Olympus scope models.

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