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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disadvantages of capsule endoscopy?

The main disadvantage of capsule endoscopy is the inability to definitively localize or treat small bowel lesions. The method of roughly approximating capsule location described earlier is obviously prone to inaccuracy due to differences in small bowel transit time or variant anatomy.

Why do I need a capsule endoscopy?

The most common reason for doing capsule endoscopy is to search for a cause of bleeding from the small intestine. It may also be useful for detecting polyps, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease), ulcers and tumors of the small intestine.

What is the purpose of capsule endoscopy?

Capsule endoscopy sheds light on the middle regions of the gastrointestinal tract without exploratory surgery. Swallowing the tiny camera can reveal the source of gastrointestinal bleeding, detect bowel inflammation from Crohn’s disease, find tumors and see ulcers.

What does capsule endoscopy mean?

What is capsule endoscopy? Capsule endoscopy is a technology that uses a swallowed video capsule to take photographs of the inside of the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine.

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