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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any instructions for using the Olympus endoscopes?

Olympus instructions for use have been prepared to provide the user with all the necessary knowledge about the safe use of Olympus endoscopes and their related accessories.

What is the use of Olympus endotherapy?

Intended use This instrument has been designed to be used with an Olympus video system center, light source, documentation equipment, monitor, EndoTherapy accessories (such as a biopsy forceps), and other ancillary equipment for endoscopy and endoscopic surgery within the duodenum.

Are disinfectants safe to use on Olympus endoscopes?

Incompatible disinfectant solutions may considerably damage Olympus endoscopes and accessories. • Use only solutions that are approved and verified (for example by FDA, DGHM or a comparable institution) and that are certified by their manufacturers as safe for endoscopic instrument cleaning and disinfection.

What is “system guide endoscopy”?

Therefore, the “System Guide Endoscopy” must be considered as part of the instructions for use. The “System Guide Endoscopy” applies to all products manufactured or distributed by Olympus Winter & Ibe, Germany, that reference to the “System Guide Endoscopy”.

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