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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of endoscopy does Olympus make for GI?

Gastroenterology. Combining our experience and expertise in the manufacture of gastrointestinal endoscopy products with our leadership in innovative technology, Olympus has a comprehensive offering of endoscopes, devices and accessories to meet every GI procedural need. Our new EVIS EXERA III video endoscopy platform represents...

Why choose opolympus for Ent?

Olympus is focused on providing advanced solutions to meet our customers’ clinical ENT needs. Our innovative technologies deliver superior endoscopic imaging and video, powered instrumentation, hand instruments, implantable devices, and surgical supplies. View the current ENT product catalog in PDF format.

What is the name of the first endoscope?

Olympus has been known for pioneering many of the world’s firsts, such as the first gastrocamera, the first waterproof bronchoscope, and the first endoscope system featuring high-definition and Narrow Band Imaging™ technologies. Search for a specific product using our product selector, or find products related to your specialty here.

What are the different types of endoscopes?

Endoscopes Gastroscopes Colonoscopes Ureterorenoscopes Pediatric Urology Hysteroscopes Choledochoscopes Perctaneous Nephroscope ENT Endoscopes Intubation Scopes Thoracoscopes 4 more rows ...

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