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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Olympus 3D endoscope system?

The Olympus 3D endoscope system is a significant improvement over past products because it consolidates four devices into one. Previous 3D endoscopes had to be connected to a separate 3D video processor, a light source and two video system centers, but now these devices are consolidated in a single device (excluding 4K and IR systems).

What kind of endoscopy does Olympus make for GI?

Gastroenterology. Combining our experience and expertise in the manufacture of gastrointestinal endoscopy products with our leadership in innovative technology, Olympus has a comprehensive offering of endoscopes, devices and accessories to meet every GI procedural need. Our new EVIS EXERA III video endoscopy platform represents...

Why choose Olympus service for your reprocessing?

Once modified during repair by an organization outside of Olympus Service, Olympus can no longer validate that it can be reprocessed as designed. When you choose Olympus Service you can expect support that empowers you to do more. Click on each support specialty to learn more.

Why choose Olympus's advanced replace program?

Because emergencies are impossible to predict, the Advanced Replace Program puts replacement Olympus equipment in your hands within 24 hours. All replacement equipment meets Olympus manufacturer specifications. You may be ready for the latest technology, but your capital budget isn’t.

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