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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any instructions for using the Olympus endoscopes?

Olympus instructions for use have been prepared to provide the user with all the necessary knowledge about the safe use of Olympus endoscopes and their related accessories.

Can I still use my existing endoscopes with scopeguide 3?

ScopeGuide 3 is fully compatible with older ScopeGuide endoscopes, ensuring that you continue can continue to use existing endoscopes with ScopeGuide 3. When the MAJ-1300 probe is inserted into the instrument channel of conventional endoscopes, they are upgraded to full ScopeGuide functionality.

How do I connect the video system center to the endoscope?

• Turn the video system center ON only when the videoscope cable is connected to both the video system center and the electrical connector on the endoscope. In particular, confirm that the video system center is OFF before connecting or disconnecting the videoscope cable from the electrical connector on the endoscope.

How should I reprocess my endoscope before first use?

Before using this instrument for the first time, reprocess it according to the instructions described in the endoscope’s companion “REPROCESSING MANUAL” with your endoscope model listed on the cover. Chapter 1 Checking the Package Contents EVIS EXERA II TJF TYPE Q180V OPERATION MANUAL

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