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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Olympus microscopy?

Olympus Microscopy Is a World of Expanding Vision. Complete with Accessories that Add Power and Reach. cH24oDwl~A~ This at6achment helps students and researchers by enabling observatii by two people sirnub tanewsty 1 the same dimtlon, MI ol magnC ficatlon, and brightness.

What is the Olympus CH series used for?

In 1976, Olympus launched the CH Series, modular biological microscope series for practical laboratory teaching applications, in place of the KHS, KHC, HSB, and HSC. The CH series could meet diverse needs because of its excellent performance and modular design.

What is the mission of Olympus?

The Olympus mission began in 1919 when it became clear that the microscope represented the future of science. Today, we continue to look for new ways to contribute to the health of society, whether precision medicine, treatment research, or consumer safety. “The most important thing we do.”

Why Olympus for colorectal cancer?

A platinum sponsor of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, Olympus helps raise awareness of the importance of cancer screenings in communities across the country through financial support, free screenings, and fundraising events.

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