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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of microscope does Olympus have for sale?

Olympus STM Trinocular Measuring MicroscopeMicroscope includes:Olympus STM inspection microscope baseOlympus trinocular head (ready for digital camera)Upgraded with Leitz Periplan 10X EyepiecesOlympus ... This listing is for a Olympus BX41TF Fluorescence Microscope Objective 100x/1.25 Used Olympus SZ61 Stereo Microscope for sale.

Why choose opolympus microscopes?

Olympus is a leading manufacturer of microscopes for life science and industry. With over 100 years of experience developing microscopes, we offer innovative optical solutions for many applications. Explore our microscopes for education, training, laboratories, and leading-edge research in the life science fields, such as pathology and cytology.

How much does the Olympus CX23 fluorescence microscope cost?

The Olympus CX23 Fluorescence Microscope upgrades the Olympus CX23 brightfield microscope to a single or dual wavelength LED fluorescence system. The LED fluorescence illumination eliminates the warm up/cool down period,... $4,500.00

How much is a good price for a microscope?

AmScope has some great deals on microscopes and this particular microscope normally goes for around $500 but they have it listed on their website currently for $310.99. It is probably cheaper on Amazon so take a look at that price here first to compare.

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