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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the objective prisms secured in DIC microscopes?

In DIC microscopes designed to introduce bias retardation using a de Sénarmont compensator, the objective Nomarski prisms are secured with fixed mounts that slide into the nosepiece above the objectives (Figure 5 (c)).

What are DIC accessories for microscopes?

All of the major microscope manufacturers produce DIC accessories for their research-level microscopes, and these are often bundled together as matched kits containing all of the required hardware and optical components.

How do you use a compensator on a DIC microscope?

Compensators can be inserted into the optical pathway of a DIC microscope between either the objective prism and the analyzer or the polarizer and the condenser prism. Many microscopes have a slot located in the intermediate tube or substage condenser housing designed for this purpose.

Why is full objective aperture used in a DIC microscope?

DIC also allows the microscope to achieve excellent resolution. Use of full objective aperture enables the microscopist to focus on a thin plane section of a thick specimen without confusing images from above or below the plane.

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