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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an instruction manual for the Olympus biological microscope CHD?

BIOLOGICAL MICROSCOPE This instruction manual is for use ofthe Olympus Biological Microscope Model CHD. We recommend you read this manual carefully in order to familiarize yourself fully with the use ofyourmicroscope so that you can obtain maximum performance. OLYMPUS

Is there an instruction manual for the Olympus CX23 optical microscope?

KM 454e-20180130100732 [email protected] INSTRUCTIONS CX23 Biological microscope Optical Microscope and Accessory This instruction manual is for the Olympus biological microscopes model 0<23.

How many generations of Olympus OM microscopes are there?

Olympus microscope documentation The Olympus OM system was in production for such a long time (1972–2003) that it was used with 4 generations of Olympus compound microscopes: EH/FH, BH, BH-2 and BX.

Why was the Olympus microscope so important?

There has always been a human desire to discover things that are invisible to the eye. The microscope is the foundation of that scientific spirit. The Olympus mission began in 1919 when it became clear that the microscope represented the future of science.

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