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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the magnification of the Olympus sz61 binocular zoom microscope?

The Olympus SZ61 Binocular Zoom Stereo Microscope features a 6.7:1 zoom ratio along with variable magnification from 6.7 – 45X when used with a 10X eyepiece. The SZ-61R Trinocular Zoom Stereo Microscope is also available that features a trinocular tube with a built in 0.5X C-mount lens for easy compatibility with digital or video cameras.

What is the zoom range of the Olympus sz30 stereo microscope?

Fully Customizable Add A Camera Can Change The Stand, Head, Objectives Serviced By Experienced Techs With Warranty The Olympus SZ30 stereo microscope features a zoom range of 0.9x - 4.0x. With the included 10x ey...

Why choose SZX/SZ stereo microscopes?

Olympus SZX/SZ Stereo Microscopes offer clear stereoscopic view with comfortable and ergonomic operation. Extensive types of frames with variety of optical options with wide range of zoom support various applications.

Why choose an opolympus stereo microscope?

Olympus stereo microscopes offer a clear stereoscopic view with comfortable and ergonomic operation. We have a variety of options to suit different applications, with various optical choices and a wide range of zooms.

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