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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the Olympus OM-1 35mm?

If you are looking for a beautiful 35mm film camera that will bring you joy literally every time you pick it up, consider the Olympus OM-1. You won’t regret it, and it will become a staple in your camera bag. Thank you so much, Jen!

What are the different options for lenses on the OM-1?

However, with the OM system there are dozens of options. The OM-1 came standard with a Zuiko-branded lens. This glass is so smooth – probably my favorite lens. My OM-1 came with the 50 mm 1.8, and as far as I can tell, that was pretty standard. But Zuiko built a lot of lenses. Prime lenses ranging from 8mm fisheye to 1000mm (whoa!).

What is the Olympus OM system?

With the introduction of the Olympus OM system, a new range of lenses was designed by Olympus. The bayonet mount has a very large diameter, and all the lenses are very compact compared to other brands. Compared to many other manufacturers, Olympus took a slightly different approach to lens grading.

Can the autofocus lenses be used on the om-101/om-88?

The autofocus lenses were intended for the OM-707 / OM-77 but they can be used on the OM-101 / OM-88 too. The powerfocus lenses are specific to the OM-101 / OM-88.

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