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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the code for the repai model Olympus?

REPAI MODEL OLYMPUS M-l AN caereE puK CA8797 ca91t3 NW26-350po CODE FIG 2/6 MDS A' 783 CA e 762 @sm.6110. ca'04s CAE @cassz€

How many pulleys are in the OM-1 route?

Three pulleys (8883) in the route are for converting the string (8944) angle. At this time, the string is given tension by the spring (8999) on the meter side. Title Olympus OM-1 Service Manual Part 1 of 4

What are the features of Olympus MDS?

OUTLINE AND MECHANICAL FEATURES General Outline: OLYMPUS Code Name: MDS Model Name: Main Features: Format: Lens Mount: Shutter: Type: Shutter Speed: Dial: Charging: Olympus OM—I Z4 x 36mm Olympus OM—Mount, bayonet type. Flange back 46. Omm Bayonet rotation = 700 (clockwise to mount) .

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