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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Olympus OM-10 have a flash?

specific Olympus camera? Since the OM-10 does not have the TTL flash function, the T-series Olympus flashes are possibly not the best value for the money. They do, however, provide the flash-ready light in the finder and automatically set the shutter to the correct speed when the flash recharges, which is handy, and they are very nice flashes.

What is the OM10?

The OM10 was the first consumer OM series body. Launched in 1979. it accepted the full line of OM lenses and most of the OM accessories for a lower price.

When did the Olympus OM 30 come out?

The OM30 was also released in 1983. It was called OM F on some markets. It existed in chrome and in black finish. It was Olympus's first step towards an autofocus SLR camera. It was a true autofocus with one lens only, the 35–70mm AF zoom which had a motorized focusing ring, using three AAA batteries to operate it.

What is an OM-10 manual shutter speed ring?

It is basically an OM10 with manual shutter speed ring built-in, and a few other advances. These include a PC-sync flash connection, [LED] warnings in the viewfinder, built-in manual metering, and provision for attaching a steady grip.

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