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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Olympus E Zuiko 135mm worth it?

For a vintage tele lens the Olympus E. Zuiko 135mm f/3.5 is a decent performer, especially at closer distances. Even when combined with the demanding 42mp sensor of the Sony A7RIII the lens delivers. The below average LaCA correction and the average corner sharpness near infinity spoil the game a bit when used for landscape photography.

What is the oldest Olympus Zuiko lens?

The oldest version, the H.Zuiko, was single coated, and given the design probably had contrast issues as a result. It’s also very rare, because Olympus introduced multicoating to this lens very early – a “silver nose” version can be found marked Zuiko MC.

What do you think of the Olympus OM system?

Yoshihisa Maitani’s Olympus OM system was a remarkable achievement, with beautifully engineered smaller bodies and exquisite small lenses, often as good or better than larger lenses from the competition. They are all nicely engineered and a joy to use.

How good is the Olympus 2/100 macro lens?

Its biggest competitor is the 2/90 Macro which is a little sharper and focuses even closer but the 2/100 has a little nicer bokeh and less steep focus throw. Since it is a rare lens, prices are usually unreasonably high which makes it hard to recommend for actual usage to any but die hard Olympus fans. Reasonably sharp across the frame

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