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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of battery does the OM-1 use?

In its later life I used the camera a lot with a hand-held meter. According to the OM-1 instruction manual, the required battery is a PX625 1.35V mercury battery. "Alkaline batteries (LR44, A76 etc.) may not be used."

What is your review of the Olympus OM-1N?

Camera review: the Olympus OM-1N 1 Living with the OM-1n. I love this camera and do truly believe it will be my 35mm camera system for life. Being manual, the camera is simple to use. 2 Downsides. Firstly there are a lot of duds out there. ... 3 Carrying the OM-1n. I purchased a Gordy wrist strap as I don’t like neck straps. ...

Why won't my OM-1 power button turn on?

You are using the wrong battery as explained above. The OM-1 series and the OM-2 up to the -2SP can't use a battery that hasn't a stable output, so it has to be mercury, silver oxide or zinc-air battery.

How do I convert my OM-1 to 35V?

Get an adapter which converts 1.5V to 1.35V, like MR-9 Battery Adapter for Film Camera & Exposure Meter. Have your OM-1 overhauledto take modern batteries.

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