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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Olympus pools close its doors?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Olympus Pools, amid investigations by state regulators and law enforcement for hundreds of unfinished pools, closed its doors for good Saturday morning, citing a forced license relinquishment by the state of Florida.

What happens if Olympus doesn't satisfy subcontractor liens?

Olympus owner James Staten earlier this week said he disputes the subcontractor liens, but the bottom line for homeowners is this: if Olympus doesn’t satisfy the liens, they’ll have to pay twice for work on a pool they still can’t enjoy.

What makes this 4 bedroom villa in Mount Olympus so special?

Situated in the prestigious Mount Olympus, this 4 bedroom Mediterranean gem evokes architectural charm with classic upgrades.

What's the update at Olympic spa like?

Learn more. Start your review of Olympic Spa. What a lovely place with incredible spa services. I was a regular before Covid and this was was first time back since Jan. 2020. The updates are nice but not a dramatic change, cleaned thing up a bit and added an ice sauna and an outdoor area but the general look and feel is the same.

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