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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Olympus pools close its doors?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Olympus Pools, amid investigations by state regulators and law enforcement for hundreds of unfinished pools, closed its doors for good Saturday morning, citing a forced license relinquishment by the state of Florida.

What's going on with Olympus pools in Hernando County?

Our Better Call Behnken investigation resulted in more than five dozen complaints against Olympus Pools all over the Tampa Bay area. Now, Hernando County is taking action – prohibiting the contractor from pulling any new permits until the company finishes what it started. Olympus Pools has hundreds of open permits across the Tampa Bay area.

What is your experience with Olympus pools?

My experience with Nicky, Pete and Mario from Olympus pools has been great. Nicky has gone into detail explaining everything to me, and very concerned everything be done exactly the way it needs to be done, Pete has worked very long hours to have my pool ready for the next crew coming.

Are there any open permits in Tampa Bay for pools?

Olympus Pools has hundreds of open permits across the Tampa Bay area. And now, in light of complaints and red-tagged permits, Hernando says no new jobs until the old ones are taken care of. Complaints are piling up on the desks of state officials, too.

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