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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Olympus pools have a complaint problem?

Complaints have begun to surface from a growing number of customers of Lutz, FL based Olympus Pools. Customers have begun to complain to Better Call Behnken of NBC in Tampa that they are fed up with unfinished pools and little communication from the company.

Who is suing Olympus pools in Pasco County?

A recent lawsuit filed in Pasco County by SCP Distributors LLC is suing Olympus Pools for over a million dollars in equipment delivered and installed in customers backyards.

What happened to opolympus pools?

Olympus Pools faces allegations of unfinished pools and unpaid invoices from subcontractors. Taylor-Hanke’s story seems to not be unique. Homeowners in Pasco, Hillsborough, and Manatee counties have turned to consumer advocates like Shannon Behnken for help.

Are homeowners facing Olympus pools unpaid subcontractor liens?

Homeowners are increasingly concerned they could get stuck footing the bill for Olympus Pools unpaid subcontractors. Some homeowners have begun receiving liens in the mail. Olympus Pools may face worse problems aside from the million dollar lawsuit filed by SCP.

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