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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the owner of Olympus pools?

Hidalgo first joined forces with Lutz-based Olympus Pools and its owner, James Staten, in late May. Hidalgo says he, “agreed to purchase a sizable portion” of the company. “However, during our due diligence period, it became apparent that the company was not in the same position as it appeared originally,” Hidalgo said in his statement on Tuesday.

What's going on with Olympus pools?

Both departures are the latest fallout from the ongoing investigation into Olympus Pools and their hundreds of unfinished projects at homes throughout the Tampa Bay area. Hidalgo and Staten had previously insisted they could finish all the pools by Christmas and save the company.

What are those letters from Olympus pools asking for payment?

Those letters are a last-ditch effort by subcontractors seeking payment for completed work on Olympus Pools jobs and a nightmare scenario for frustrated homeowners with unfinished pools and massive holes in their backyards.

What's going on with Olympus pools in Hernando County?

Our Better Call Behnken investigation resulted in more than five dozen complaints against Olympus Pools all over the Tampa Bay area. Now, Hernando County is taking action – prohibiting the contractor from pulling any new permits until the company finishes what it started. Olympus Pools has hundreds of open permits across the Tampa Bay area.

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