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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Olympus pools?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The general contractor and business owner who stepped in to help Olympus Pools get back on track earlier this year after the company came under fire for leaving hundreds of homeowners with unfinished pools and failing to pay subcontractors and vendors severed ties with Olympus Tuesday night.

What's the latest on Olympus' legal troubles?

To add to its legal troubles Olympus now faces a $1.1 million lawsuit in Pasco County. SCP Distributors LLC, the largest pool supply company in the nation, says the company owes them money for supplies.

Why are some customers still not getting answers from Olympus?

Staten says he's working to finish projects delayed by the pandemic. But some customers complain they still can't get answers about their jobs and others say they are facing liens filed against their homes by subcontractors who claim Olympus hasn’t paid them for their work. Mark Maley is one of those customers.

What are those letters from Olympus pools asking for payment?

Those letters are a last-ditch effort by subcontractors seeking payment for completed work on Olympus Pools jobs and a nightmare scenario for frustrated homeowners with unfinished pools and massive holes in their backyards.

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