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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the owner of Olympus pools?

Olympus Pools owner James Staten posted an announcement to the company’s Facebook page on Saturday, saying that he had been forced by state regulators to voluntarily relinquish his license. As a result, the company is not allowed to finish pools.

Who is sending out letters to Olympus pools customers?

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – RAB, Inc., a national commercial collections company, has confirmed to Better Call Behnken that it has sent out 40 “Notice of Intent to Foreclose” letters to Olympus Pools customers, and many more notices are in the works.

Are you owed money for work done by Olympus pools?

Numerous other contractors tell Better Call Behnken they are owed money for completed work as well. The Notice of Intent to Foreclose is a massive blow for homeowners, many of whom already paid Olympus Pools for much – and in some cases – all of the work.

What is the Better Call Behnken investigation with opolympus pools?

Olympus Pools has been the subject of a Better Call Behnken investigation for four months and hundreds of customers have turned to Consumer Investigator Shannon Behnken for help. “I am paying monthly on a loan for a pool my family cannot enjoy,” said Christopher Deale, of Lutz.

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