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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gaea look like in the blood of Olympus?

Gaea was dressed in forest-green robes that were dappled with gold and white, as if sunlight were shifting through branches. In The Blood of Olympus, an awakened Gaea is described as a 20-foot-tall figure of a woman – her skin as white as quartz, her hair brown and tangled like tree roots, and her dress woven from blades of grass.

Is it spelled Gaia or Gaea in the heroes of Olympus?

In the British edition of The Heroes of Olympus books published by Puffin books, Gaea is still spelled as Gaia. Her Roman name, Terra, is where the word "terrain" comes from. In the series, she is known as Gaea to both Greeks and Romans. Though, much like Thanatos, Romans could prefer for her to stay Greek.

Why choose Olympus granite?

Adding value to your home, and our community - one countertop at a time. Here at Olympus Granite, we are proud to say that our company has been entirely family owned and locally operated from the very beginning.

Why choose Olympus minerals?

DELIVERING UNIQUE TREASURES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD. For 30 years, Olympus Minerals has been the premier luxury wholesale importer of natural home decor for mass prestige, luxury and private collector markets. We import only the highest quality items crafted from natural sources for our designer & retail business customers.

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