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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Olympus granite?

Adding value to your home, and our community - one countertop at a time. Here at Olympus Granite, we are proud to say that our company has been entirely family owned and locally operated from the very beginning.

How did Kratos beat Zeus?

But Kratos finishes the deed by beating Zeus to a bloody pulp with his bare hands (not unlike how he defeated Hercules). In the game series, Hephaestus (traditionally known as the Greek God of Forges, Metalworking, Fire, and more) is a bit of a dark horse in Olympus.

Is Kratos the new god of war?

Stabbed through the chest with a weapon forged by gods, Ares finally perishes. Now the new God of War, Kratos is considered a god with extraordinary abilities. Known as both the Goddess of War and Wisdom, Athena is depicted as a noble goddess in most of the God of War games.

How many gods has Kratos killed?

At the same time, Kratos forms relationships with gods like Athena, who (spoiler alert) he kills by mistake. With Kratos' god kill count mounting ever higher, here are 14 gods Kratos killed (and how he murdered them).

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