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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Pink doors in Seattle?

This old Seattle favorite in the Pike Place Market expanded it's size 4+ years ago and this was my first visit since that time. The new space is elegantly done and continues the Pink Doors quirky, artsy, comfortable take on Italian style. A wall of windows along the far end gives views out across the market to nearby Puget Sound.

What is the pink door?

The Pink Door is an independently owned (never cloned, never genetically modified) restaurant that has been quietly dedicated to fresh & local Italian food since 1981. Its seafood & produce driven menu has been the central theme throughout its wildly popular domain in Seattle's Pike Place Market.

Where is the pink door in Post Alley?

The Pink Door is located on 1919 Post Alley between Stewart and Virginia streets. The restaurant has no sign, but look for the pink door on the west (water) side of the Post Alley promenade.

Where does the produce come from at the pink door?

Today, the produce is supplied largely by Butler Farms on Bainbridge Island, about 90% in peak growing season. Like food, wine is an indispensable part of the dining experience at The Pink Door, and the unpretentiousness of the restaurant carries through to the wine list. Each bottle is chosen by Jackie and her beloved Bar Manager, Chiara Pierotti.

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