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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oracle Dictionary view?

Oracle provides, within the data dictionary, a view that you can access to see the composition of all of the data dictionary views. If you query the DICTIONARY view, you will find the specific names of data dictionary objects you have the privilege to access. You will not see any other objects.

What are catalog views/data dictionary views?

Home Help Contact Us Catalog Views / Data Dictionary Views The data dictionary views, also known as catalog views, let you monitor the state of the database in real time: The USER, ALL, and DBA, views show information about schema objects that are accessible to you, at different levels of privilege.

What data dictionary tables do all three views use?

All three views use the same list of data dictionary tables, except for the user$ table, which the USER_TABLES view does not use. The tables all three views use are: ts$, seg$, obj$, tab$, and obj$, which are all owned by sys. We’ll explain these internal ($) tables later in this chapter.

What are the columns in the Dictionary view?

The DICTIONARY view is very simple, containing only two columns: table_name and comments. The column “table_name” is somewhat misleading because all of the “table” names are really views, synonyms, or other objects. None of the entities listed are actually tables.

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