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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the types of OS?

Batch operating system. The users of a batch operating system do not interact with the computer directly. Each user prepares his job on an off-line device like punch cards and submits it to the computer operator. To speed up processing, jobs with similar needs are batched together and run as a group. The programmers leave their...

What are some examples of OS?

Laptops, tablets, and desktop computers all run operating systems that you've probably heard of. Some examples include versions of Microsoft Windows (like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP), Apple's macOS (formerly OS X), iOS, Chrome OS, BlackBerry Tablet OS, and flavors of the open source operating system Linux.

What operating system is best?

Yes, despite the fact that Android and iOS has managed to gain so much fame recently, Windows is still the most used and most comfortable Operating System to use. Several people use Windows around the globe and believe that it is still the best operating system in the world.

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