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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TrueType outline font technology?

Apple's TrueType outline font technology creates high-quality text at any size, on-screen or on a printed page. System 7 ships: Apple calls it the Mac's 'most significant enhancement.'

What are the best outline fonts?

Outline Font 1 Hidden Cocktails by Stefie justprince 2 Exon by linecreative 3 Plastic Love by azkarizki 4 Neoneon by Bakoom Studio 5 MANTHAN by Handles Creative 6 Qabil by typefactory 7 Comic Boom Bubble by Fontsandfashion 8 SKETCHUP by typefactory 9 kortz by Vztype 10 Sundaycoffee by typefactory More items...

How do I change the color of the outline in WordArt?

To use a Picture, Gradient, Texture, or Pattern, select the appropriate menu item. You can change the color of the outline of your WordArt text. You can also change the weight of the outline, make the outline dashed, or use a pattern. In the Shape Styles group, click Shape Outline, and do one of the following:

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