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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install FreeBSD on my OVH VPS?

While OVH has a number of Linux-based options for their low-end VPS offerings, I wanted to try installing FreeBSD . As far as I can tell, OVH doesn't offer the ability to provide a bootable .iso or .img installer image for their VPS offerings (unlike their dedicated server instances).

What is a virtual private server (VPS)?

A virtual private server (VPS) is used for hosting websites (e-commerce, content, visual media) and software applications (portals, extranets, collaborative solutions, wikis, CRM). Unlike shared hosting, the data is isolated onto a virtual machine which is dedicated to the user.

What is the ovhcloud public cloud?

The OVHcloud Public Cloud offers a multi-server infrastructure, with high availability for servers. vRack, a private network service, is also available with this service. What are the advantages of a VPS, compared to a dedicated server?

What is a VPS and how does it work?

The VPS is a perfect compromise between web hosting plans and physical servers, combining reliability with the high performance of a dedicated server — but without the difficulty of managing a server's physical hardware. Who can use a VPS? Using a VPS requires basic knowledge of server administration.

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