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Frequently Asked Questions

What is oxide an element or a compound?

An oxide (/ ˈɒksaɪd /) is a chemical compound that contains at least one oxygen atom and one other element in its chemical formula. "Oxide" itself is the dianion of oxygen, an O 2- (molecular) ion. Metal oxides thus typically contain an anion of oxygen in the oxidation state of −2.

What are some examples of oxide?

Some common examples of oxides are CO2, SO2, CaO, CO, ZnO, BaO2, H2O, etc. An acidic oxide combines with water and form an acid whereas a basic oxide forms base with water. Usually non-metals form acidic oxides which can easily form acids with water.

Is oxide a cation or anion?

Anions are ions with a net negative charge. Anion Examples: hydroxide anion: OH-, oxide anion: O2-, and sulfate anion: SO42-. Because they have opposite electrical charges, cations and anions are attracted to each other. Cations repel other cations, while anions repel other anions.

What is the definition of oxide?

An oxide is a chemical compound containing an oxygen atom and other elements. Most of the Earth's crust consists of oxides. Oxides can be made when elements are oxidized by air (when oxygen in the air reacts with the element).

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