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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use paid or payed?

Payed is an incorrect version of paid which you shouldn't use . Paid is the simple past tense and past participle form of pay, meaning to give money for in exchange for something. It can be hard to remember the correct spelling for irregular verbs. Nevertheless, it is essential to do so to write accurately.

What is the word paid?

Paid is also the past tense and past participle of pay and is used in every other sense of the word besides the nautical meaning. Paid generally has something to do with giving or transferring money but has other meanings such as to visit or to call.

What is the definition of paid?

The definition of paid is a something that's been taken care of by payment or is included with salary. An example of paid is an invoice after the company who sent the company has been paid; a paid invoice.

Is it spelled paid or payed?

The Correct spelling is: paid. Common misspellings of the word paid are: paide. payed. paid in french. paid in spanish.

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