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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pandora have podcasts?

Serial and now This American Life is coming to pandora. The best way to find podcasts is to go into the Podcasts app from Apple (or stitcher on the Android side) and do a search by topic, then hit play. Listen.

How do I Find my Playlist on Pandora?

Click or select the "Your Stations" tab on the Pandora Radio player. A list of your saved radio stations will be displayed. Select one of the radio stations to begin playing it. The song information will be displayed next to the list of the radio stations you have added to your account.

Does Pandora play podcast?

Pandora was the exclusive streaming partner for season 2 of the popular Serial podcast, despite the show being available through iTunes and other apps. Now, the internet radio service is adding another popular podcast from the creators of that investigative title.

What is the best Pandora Station?

The 16 Best Classroom Pandora Stations, As Recommended by Teachers 1. Classical For Studying 2. The Piano Guys 3. Brazilian Radio 4. Bossa Nova Radio 5. Afrobeat Radio 6. Fim Scores Radio 7. Harry Potter 8. Vitamin String Quartet 9. Instrumentals for Studying 10. The Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra 11. Classical Goes Pop 12. Lindsey Stirling

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