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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CO2(carbon dioxide ) a paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

Is Co2 ( Carbon dioxide ) a Paramagnetic or Diamagnetic ? Question: Is Co2 ( Carbon dioxide ) a Paramagnetic or Diamagnetic ? Answer: Co2 ( Carbon dioxide ) is a Paramagnetic. What is Paramagnetic and Diamagnetic ?

Is CN- paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

Hence, CN− is diamagnetic too. NO+ is isoelectronic with CO, because N has one more electron than C, but the ( +) charge on NO+ accounts for one less electron. Therefore, NO− has two unpaired electrons and is paramagnetic.

What is a paramagnetic O2 analyzer?

Used by many of our industrial, portable and multi-gas analyzers, it delivers fast and reliable measurements of percentage O 2 concentrations. Our groundbreaking magnetodynamic Paramagnetic technology provides fast, accurate and sensitive measurements of percentage levels of O 2.

Why is O2 - 2 diamagnetic?

This MO diagram should be in your textbook, and is also in anor's answer, where O2 has two unpaired electrons in its π* antibonding molecular orbitals. As a result, O2− 2 fills up the π* orbitals with two more electrons, making O2− 2 diamagnetic.

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